Everyone hates Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Selfie

The internet hasn’t been too kind to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After posting an ugly new selfie from Meta’s metaverse, thousands of people have found another reason to dunk on the billionaire.

Admittedly, it’s hard to feel bad for Zuckerberg considering everything we’ve found out about how Facebook and his ugly metaverse avatar taking a selfie doesn’t help his case.

No one likes Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse selfie

Zuckerberg unveiled his ugly metaverse selfie while promoting the release of Horizon Worlds for France and Spain. For some reason, Zuckerberg decided to celebrate the occasion by using a custom avatar from the Horizon Worlds metaverse game. The custom avatar was horrendous and fans everywhere are taking opportunities to make fun of the Meta CEO.

“Mark Zuckerberg launches Horizon Worlds in France and Spain with an eye-gougingly ugly VR selfie,” says a Twitter post from user Ordinary Things. “Meta's metaverse ploy is surely dying in the dark.”

“How does this shit look worse than miis did on the Wii 15 years ago now?” asks Twitter user transgender marx.

The harsh comments aren’t wrong, as the avatar isn’t appealing at all and looks worse than most video games that are 20 years old. We’ve already seen comments comparing it to the Wii, but the avatar looks worse than any video game from the SNES and Genesis era. It’s just such an ugly thing to look at.

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Zuckerberg’s metaverse selfie makes the metaverse look worse

Considering how Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta company want to make the metaverse a legit online platform, selfies like this aren’t helping things as the visuals look worse than most MMO titles available today. While making a virtual world filled with customizable avatars is a difficult task, posts like these aren’t going to make the metaverse more tantalizing.

Despite all of these insults, don’t expect Zuckerberg to stop pushing the metaverse or even do more ugly selfies like this. He’s pretty adamant about making the metaverse a thing and other companies have done the same, so expect to see more cringe-worthy antics like this.

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