LucidSound LS50X review: Xbox’s Most Versatile Headset

As the official Xbox Wireless Headset is still yet to release, many will look elsewhere for their premium audio experience. For those with cash to spare and an audiophile sensibility, the

LucidSound LS50X headset

offers more than enough bang for your buck.

Priced at a rather steep £239.99/$250, those who decide to splurge on the LS50Xs won’t be left disappointed. However, with cheaper official options on the way, it might be wise to pull the brakes on your purchase.


Design - Score 9

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It would be bereft to discuss the design of LucidSound’s supposed Ultimate Xbox Headset without first discussing the design of its packaging. Inside of its glossy slipcase is a thick black-and-green box; inside that box is a sturdy hardcase; inside that hardcase are the headphones. This matryoshka doll setup is more than just a way of extending the unboxing experience, it makes the LS50Xs feel as premium as they cost.

The premium feel is only exacerbated by the headphones themselves. Held together by a strong aluminium headband, the plastic speaker cups sit strongly on the ear, providing a fantastic seal. For comfort, LucidSound has added pleather around the earcups as well as the headband. It’s a snug design that’s comfortable for hours on end, even as a glasses user.


Sound - Score 8.5

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The sound profile of the LucidSound LS50X headphones is nothing too remarkable, but it’s a sound profile that feels purposefully tuned for its Xbox branding. Unlike most headsets, this predominantly chat focused device doesn’t pack in tonnes of bass. It’s a softer sound; the deep rumbles of

In The Air Tonight

aren’t as pronounced as your typical set of

Extreme Gamer

headphones, complete with



However, when put into practice as an Xbox chat headset, it’s obvious why the bass has been reduced in prominence compared to rival headsets. Deep vocals shouting down microphones in an Xbox party are somewhat more tolerable. With lower bass, you’re less likely to feel a thump in the eardrum with every complaint your friend gives you about your lacklustre performance.

It makes sense then that the LS50Xs focus almost entirely on providing very clear mids. Vocals are clear: watching a Christopher Nolan movie action scene with these headphones on feels like a transformative experience. You can actually hear the dialogue!

Compatibility - Score 8.5

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Despite being pushed as an Xbox centric headset, the LucidSound LS50Xs are far more than just an accessory for Microsoft’s current and next-gen consoles. Sure, the headphones connect to an Xbox One or

Xbox Series

console through a standard USB dongle, but it’s other capabilities make it a far more versatile device.

On top of Xbox connectivity, users can connect the headphones to any Bluetooth capable device. There’s even an aux port – and included aux cable – to connect your headphones the good o’fashioned way. With aux input included, there’s the possibility of lasting for years to come. Once the batteries die and Bluetooth disappears, you’ll still have a solid pair of wired cans.

Most impressively, those who want to squeeze the best out of their headphones can mix both USB wireless and Bluetooth audio signals, alternating between chat and tunes. Every gamer is uncomfortably familiar with the crowd that blasts music over their microphone during games of CoD. If you’re that kind of gamer, there’s finally a headset for you. Using a collection of buttons and rotatable earcups, users can easily mix different audio channels to craft a setup suitable for their own needs.

What’s mildly disappointing about the LucidSound LS50X headset is that the every fantastic hardware feature designed for wireless use disappears when wired up. Using the headset as a wired device on a smartphone or tablet removes the ability to play and pause, skip tracks or change volume on the headset itself. It’s a bizarre omission, especially when cheap earphones have had hardware buttons for decades.

Our Score


  • Extremely comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Heavily versatile; it's not just an Xbox headset.
  • Trimmed bass makes conversations more tolerable.


  • Overly expensive.
  • Physical controls don't work when wired up.

If comfort and versatility are more important than a perfectly balanced audio setup for you, then LucidSound has you covered. The LS50X is perfectly tuned for long chats in an Xbox Party or Discord group, even if it comes at the slight detriment of a powerful musical experience. Unlike the bass heavy brands of Beats, Raycons or even most

gaming headsets

, this is a comfier sound. If you’re going to game with friends long into the evening, this is the way to go.


LucidSound LS50X headphones on Amazon 

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