Livepeer LPT: What Is Ethereum LPT And Is LPT On Coinbase?

Last year, the value of the online video market surpassed the $70 billion mark. But, the success of video streaming comes at a cost. Video streaming is dominated by a small number of companies: YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. These companies own the infrastructure and servers needed to deliver content to billions of viewers. These companies can afford large fees that centralized services charge for the tools needed to create and distribute quality content. However, these prices are so high that it's nearly impossible for small businesses to get a foothold in the market. Livepeer has designed a solution to address this problem. So, let's see more about Livepeer and its LPT token.

What is Ethereum Livepeer LPT Token?

Livepeer provides a video streaming infrastructure that enables broadcasters to deliver high-quality video to their audience without paying heavy platform fees. Designed to make streaming more affordable, Liverpeer is an Ethereum-based protocol for video transcoding, which essentially reformats videos to suit a variety of bandwidths and devices.

Livepeer's native token is a multi-utility ERC-20 known as Livepeer Token (LPT). The token is utilized to pay Livepeer network transmission fees. Also, LPT tokens are used to incentivize honest behaviour by Orchestrators and Delegators, thus securing the network. Moreover, LPT token holders have the opportunity to earn passive income with encryption through Livepeer network staking and protection LPT tokens.

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Is LPT Token on Coinbase?

Yes, Livepeer LPT is available on Coinbase. The price is $63.19 per LPT. The price of Livepeer LPT has fallen by 36.96% in the past 7 days. Furthermore, the current circulating supply is 21,164,655.333 LPT.

Livepeer's LPT token is showing great potential and the LPT price will likely continue to rise in the near future. This means that LPT could be a promising investment option for investors. Stay tuned for more updates on Livepeer LPT!

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