Keanu Reeves backs NFTs because we can’t have one good thing in this world

The Matrix and John Wick star Keanu Reeves was once an avid critic of NFTs. Just last year, the Bram Stoker’s Dracula actor laughed in the face of the predatory cryptoart space. Now, he’s joined them.

Keanu Reeves joins NFTs

After becoming an internet hero (again) for denouncing NFTs in a video interview, Keanu Reeves has changed course. Just last December, the actor was devolved into a fit of laughter when discussing the fallacies of the technology. Unfortunately, now he’s joined the trend.

After his previous stance on NFTs, Reeves has done a complete 180. Not only is the actor selling cryptoart, but Reeves’ has become the advisor for a new NFT company called The Futureverse Foundation.

Revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, The Futureverse Foundation aims to bolster “the digital and physical worlds through the support of diverse artists and creative communities.” Hmm, very vague.

Reeves’ inclusion in The Futureverse Foundation seems tied to his wife, Alexandria Grant. Also an advisor to the group, Grant is a famous artist who seems to be all in on cryptoart.

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What does The Futureverse Foundation do?

The purpose of The Futureverse Foundation, like any NFT initiative, is vague. However, Alexandria Grant explains that the group’s purpose is to create an all-new “cultural economy”.

“I feel like the Futureverse Foundation is a proposal. If we do have this opportunity of building a new economy of [cultural] exchange, how do we?” Grant told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s new for all of us to be thinking about the partnerships between the art world, Hollywood and tech coming together in this really beautiful way.”

So far, money coming out of the initiative has been used to fund non-virtual artists and their work. So far, nothing virtual has come of the situation.

Furthermore, despite his name being attached to the group, Keanu Reeves has not commented on his affiliate with the group. Instead, the actor has remained suspiciously silent.

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