Is GTA Online free? How much does GTA Online cost?

GTA Online is one of the most-played online modes in any game ever. It's been active across multiple generations, and even led the PlayStation 5 game event.

It's basically an institution on its own, a powerful one too. You can't go a single month without seeing GTA somewhere in the charts, and when it was given away for free on the Epic Game Store it basically crashed the entire thing

So then, you might be wondering about it, and specifically, how much it costs.

So, is GTA Online free, or do you need to pay for the pleasure?

Is GTA Online free?

To gain access to GTA Online, you need to own GTA 5. If you already own GTA 5, then it's not free. If you don't already own GTA 5, then GTA Online will cost exactly the same amount as you can buy GTA 5 for.

So, no, basically. While the online mode has far outlived its singleplayer counterpart, it's still attached to it, and therefore costs a little bit of money to gain access.

That is, of course, assuming you didn't get it for free when it was free on the Epic Game Store.

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Does GTA Online have a monthly fee?

Good news though, once you own GTA 5, and by extension GTA Online, it's yours forever. There's no monthly fee, nothing you need to spend to stay in the game.

There are a plethora of things you can spend money on, most of which will simply help you progress a little faster, but you don't actually have to spend any money.

Given that many players will have well over a hundred hours in this mode, it's definitely worth the price of admission, especially if you can pick up a copy for cheap. So, that's what you need to know about the price of GTA Online.

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