How to update Astro a50 and Astro a40 headsets for Xbox Series X/S

Headsets have exploded in use for gaming in the last few years. It helps keep you immersed, it helps to keep you in focus in whatever you’re playing.

From RPG games to first person shooters, they’ve come in leaps and bounds in catering to the gaming market.

With the recent launch of the Xbox Series S/X, some headsets have been incompatibility due to the lack of an optical port in both consoles.

However, with Astro’s highly-regarded A40 and A50, they have recently brought out updates for them both to be used with each consoles easily.

How to Update the Astro Headsets

First of all, you need to go to their ‘Command Center’ software page to download their client. This will install the drivers needed for both headsets.

  1. Connect the base station of either headset into the PC or Mac, and make sure that the headset is also docked into the station when plugged in.
  2. Go through the setup wizard and follow the steps until the installation is successful.
  3. When you go into the ‘Command Center’ application, you will see near the top of the window, the firmware version.
  4. There should be an ‘Update available’ message; press it.
  5. It will show the details of the update, and then the option to update.
  1. Once selected, it will update the headset you’ve got docked.

The base station should then reboot itself, and the headset should now be ready to go, ready to be paired with the Xbox Series S/X.

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Pairing your Astro to the Xbox Series

A headset needs very minimal latency when playing a game; it could be the decider between you or an enemy in Warzone.

This is when it’s time to pair the headset to the Xbox, by simply plugging in the base station to the console through USB.

The console and the station will recognise one another, and the headset will then be outputting sound from the console right away.

It’s a very easy process, and if you have the console in the front room, it could help reduce an argument with a partner when you’re the only one hearing the game through the headset.

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