How to throw in Gang Beasts - beat the competition

How to throw in Gang Beasts characters in ring

How to throw in Gang Beasts characters in ring

Despite being almost seven years old, Gang Beasts is still one game that has many fans spending countless hours having matches and fights. There's definitely something for everyone in there! But, along the many moves available, do you know how to throw in Gang Beasts? If not, read on to find out.

The game features a crazy amounts of customizable skins and options, along with some specific controls which is why some people might be a little confused.

So let's see some of the moves in the game, along with how to throw in Gang Beasts.

How do you throw in Gang Beasts?

There is not really a specific throw button in the game. This is because throwing in Gang Beasts is about grabbing the other character with both hands, first. Then, you want to lift them and release the grab buttons at the same time to execute a throw.

Just don't expect that throw range to be particularly significant, as it is pretty short. You might want to try to execute a throw while running, even though is slightly more difficult to perform.

How to climb in Gang Beasts

Along with throwing, climbing in Gang Beasts is probably the most difficult action to perform, but luckily you should be able to master the controls in little time.

Climbing in the game, again, is all about grabbing a ledge with both hands then jumping. Should you need to go higher, then go ahead and double jump. But remember to grab onto something while you go down, or nothing is going to stop your fall and you might find yourself in a difficult place.

Now you know how to throw in Gang Beasts, but you might also want to play a quick match in Fall Guys too, right? Despite of your choice, party games definitely make a night at home much more fun than simply staying on your sofa watching Netflix!

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