Opinion: Fall Guys Is The First Step Into An Exciting New World Of Battle Royale Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is finally here. It feels like it's been heading towards us for a long time, but we can all finally sink our teeth into these tiny little marshmallows and try and trip our way into victory.

Despite being the latest in a long line of battle royale games to grace our PlayStations and Xboxes and PCs, this one is cut from a completely different cloth.

It's about time too, given how popular the subgenre of battle royale games are, you'd have thought that more people would have managed a bit of innovation.

Well, Fall Guys has taken this all on its squishy shoulders, and the world is about to a be a better place for it.

What makes Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout so different

The main thing that makes Fall Guys stand out in a field of games where you aim to be the last one standing, is that there are no guns.

The aim of the game isn't to shoot other players, nor is to wait it out, the aim is to wobble your way around obstacle courses and eventually win.

It's refreshing, and the mix of intensely fun gameplay and gloriously colourful aesthetic makes for something that feels completely new.

It's exciting because it's a good reminder that just because most games are about shooting each other, there is another way.

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What else could battle royale games do to change

Now, we're not saying there's no room for the classic battle royale formula, shooting stuff in games is fun. However, Fall Guys is (hopefully) the first of many that don't rely on it as the main way of interacting.

You could easily imagine a battle royale racing game, where you don't fight at all, but just have to make it round a track as fast as possible.

Maybe even a battle royale melee game, where you have to combo your foes out of the match. There are so many more things that games can do outside of shooting, and it's about time we saw the battle royale genre embrace that a bit.

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