PS Plus: How to redeem a code for PlayStation Plus on your PS4

If you've just bought a new PlayStation 4 for recent games like The Last of Us 2, you might now be wanting to start playing more online multiplayer games such as FIFA 20 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

To do so on the PS4, you need to be a member of PS Plus- PlayStation's subscription service that gives you access to the PlayStation Network (PSN).

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If you've bought a code for a subscription to PS Plus, here's how you redeem it.

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How to redeem a code for PS Plus

Once you've bought your PS Plus subscription and receive your code, you'll need to create or login to a PSN account that you want to upgrade to PS Plus.

You will then need to sign in to that PSN account on your PS4 and head to the PlayStation Store. Here, you should scroll all the way to the bottom tab called 'Redeem Codes'.

In here you should enter your 12-Digit Code, accept the Terms of Service, and confirm your 'purchase' (although you won't actually be buying anything again).

After this, you should have access to PS Plus! Make sure to grab the free PS Plus of the month before they disappear!

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Where can I buy a PS Plus code

If you don't yet have the PS Plus code, you can buy a subscription from the PlayStation Store for a varying amount of time.

If you're worried that you'll forget to cancel the subscription when it runs out, leaving you paying extra for a service you don't want, you might want to buy a fixed 12-month subscription code from Amazon.

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