PS Plus free code generator: Are there any working PlayStation Plus keygens?

If you've just bought a new PlayStation 4 for recent games like The Last of Us 2, you might now be wanting to start playing more online multiplayer games such as FIFA 20 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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However, PS3 owners returning to PlayStation may be frustrated to find that playing online is no longer free on the console, with PS Plus a requirement for most online games.

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So is it possible to get PS Plus for free? We've got all the details here...

Can I get PS Plus for free?

If you're looking online for a PS Plus code generator, unfortunately no legitimate keygen exists.

When you search for a PS Plus code generator on Google, many of the alleged tools you need to download to get a free code do not work.

At the best, they may just show you some adverts or download a new search engine for your web brower. At worst, they can contain device-crippling malware that could steal your data.

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If anywhere is offering free or extremely cheap PS Plus codes, again they are less than likely to be legitimate. Considering PS Plus costs around £50 a year, if you sellers offering a code for a significant amount lower, then it is likely it is either a scam or the code has been stolen.

If you are caught redeeming a stolen PSN code, there is a chance that Sony could ban or deactivate your account, so make sure that any PSN code you buy is from a reputable and trusted source.

The closest thing you can get to 'free PS Plus' is a seven-day free trial offered by PlayStation for all users. If you don't care about progress and have multiple email addresses and payment methods, you could keep signing up for the free trial but this will eventually run out or start taking money out of your account if you forget to cancel it.

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