How to fix NBA 2K20 error code 6f8ce31b

You're about to win the championship, you're so ready to have all the trophies and score all the points. In fact, you've been dreaming of this your whole life. Wait, you've been dreaming?

Well, good news, you don't just have to dream, while you could go out and train to become a real NBA star, it's probably easier to just play the game instead.

At least, it would be easier were it not for error codes and bugs. The good news is that there is a fix for everything, the bad news is that you need to fix it at all.

So, here's everything you need to know about 2K20 error code 6f8ce31b.

What is NBA 2K20 error code 6f8ce31b

This error is one of the worst ones out there. It's not that it breaks the game or will ruin anything, it's just the timing.

More often than not, this error code appears just as you're about to pull out the ultimate victory. Instead of being presented with a trophy for conquering My Career, you're stuck with an error code instead.

It'll stop you playing again too, so you need to know how to sort it out if you want to keep your records up.

How to fix NBA 2K20 error code 6f8ce31b

This is another one of the fairly undefined error codes, and that means that the fixes are a little bit odd as well.

One fix is actually just to not play the game for a day or so. It's not a very proactive fix, but if it works, then it'll be worth the wait.

The other main fix is to play a game in the neighbourhood, this can often help the game sort itself out and stop complaining about things that aren't actually issues. That's a nice bonus, because it means you get to play a game too.

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