How to fix lighting glitch and lighting errors in Minecraft

Lighting issues are an absolute demon of a problem to live with in Minecraft. How on earth are you meant to play god when the lights aren't doing as they're told?

It's just an incredibly annoying issue to be facing, and while it doesn't impact the gameplay, it ruins the aesthetic.

Aesthetic, as the kids say, is everything, and that's why you need to get this problem sorted fast. You don't want to be stuck with weird lighting killing the mood in your new fancy house, do you?

So, here's how you can fix your lighting issues in Minecraft. It should also fix lighting glitches in Minecraft too.

How to fix lighting issues in Minecraft

Many of the lighting issue in Minecraft can be fixed by clearing the world cache of whatever world is being affected. To do this, you'll need to be the owner of the world though, so keep that in mind.

  • Make sure the world is in your single-player Saves folder
  • Make a copy of the world and place it somewhere else for safety
  • Open the world selection screen in single-player and select Edit for that world
  • Select Optimize World
  • Select the tick box for Erase Cache Data
  • Re-upload the world if you want it online

That should fix the issue, though it's not a perfect solution.

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What are the risks of doing this

While the risks of clearing cache data in Minecraft aren't too bad, it can occasionally mess up some block placement among other things.

There's always a risk when doing something like this, and that's why we recommend you back the world up first.

Thankfully these issues often get patched out as the game gets updated, and given that it gets updated so often, it shouldn't take too long for these issues to be resolved as well.

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