How to fix error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K20

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So, here's absolutely everything you need to know about error code 727e66ac in NBA 2k20.

What is error code 727e66ac in NBA 2k20

This error code is an incredibly general error code. It's the digital equivalent of the help desk person shrugging and making vague noises instead of telling you what's actually wrong.

That means that finding a specific fix is kind of hard to do, after all, with it being a code that pops up in multiple places, the exact reason it does so is hard to pin down.

That being said though, we've got a couple of ideas for you.

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How to fix error code 727e66ac in NBA 2k20

There are a couple of fixes here you can try, they might not make much sense, but they also seem to work, so it's best not to question things too much.

The first thing you should try is to reset your internet router. Turn it off, leave it off for around thirty seconds, and then turn it back on. Hopefully, this should fix your issue.

Otherwise, the main fix is perhaps one of the strangest ones around. Play a blacktop game from start to finish and you should find you're reconnected to the server by the end of it. It seems a little esoteric, but it works, apparently.

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