Hearts of Iron 4 best mods - what are they?

HOI 4 best mods - picture of a tank and some soldiers reaching the shore
Credit: Paradox

HOI 4 best mods - picture of a tank and some soldiers reaching the shore
Credit: Paradox

Do you want to try out the Hearts of Iron 4 best mods? You should definitely branch out your play style to try something different, they can definitely change your Hearts of Iron 4 experience. Some HOI 4 mods offer different storylines while others have in-depth reskins of the game.

You can find most Hearts of Iron 4 mods in the Steam Workshop. However, there’s also a bunch of community mods from the official Paradox Studios forums.

Without further ado , let’s check out what we consider to be the Hearts of Iron 4 best mods. The mods that we’ve included in this article are highly-popular and top-rated.

What are the best mods for Hearts of Iron 4?

Hearts of Iron 4 has a large collection of awesome mods, and some of our favourites are Star Wars conversion, historical changes, reskins, and AI improvements. Just keep in mind that some mods are not compatible with newer versions of the HOI 4. Some expansions might also conflict with mods, particularly those with full conversion.

Here are some HOI 4 mods to get you started:

Palpatine’s Gamble

Yes, you read that right - Hearts of Iron 4 has a full Star Wars conversion called Palpatine’s Gamble. This mod turns WW2 battle theatres into systems and sectors torn apart by the long-standing Clone Wars.

So, instead of Tiger Tanks and Spitfires, you can expect AT-ATs and A-Wing starfighters in Palpatine’s Gamble. Also, the mod is still under continuous development, so new stuff might be added in the future.

The Great War

As if WW2 is not enough, you can now experience the dreadful trench warfare of WW1 through the Great War mod. This full-conversion mod isn’t too far from the milieu of Hearts of Iron 4 since the Great War occurred just around 1914.

Some of the notable changes implemented by the Great War mod are territorial outlines, spheres of influence, weapons, equipment, and political doctrines. There are fewer war machines in the Great War mod, but the rules of attrition are more prevalent.

Expert AI 4.0

While Hearts of Iron 4 is intimidating at the start, it doesn’t have a truly competent AI at higher difficulties. Most of the time, AI nations only get flat bonuses to their economy and military statistics - there are no actual displays of in-depth skills. The Expert AI 4.0 mod changes that by overhauling HOI 4’s AI in all possible aspects.

Expert AI 4.0 comes with adaptable military scripts, deep template options, and even political maneuvering systems. This simply means that the Expert AI can adapt to your moves as quickly as possible. Plus, the Expert AI 4.0 mod is compatible with the latest HOI 4 expansions.

Are you excited to try out the mods that we’ve discussed? You might even be more excited once HOI 4 Arms Against Tyranny has been released. Just imagine the scenario possibilities offered by the mods and HOI 4’s latest expansion, topped off by the game’s powerful console commands.

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