Hearts of Iron 4 console commands and cheats - what are they?

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Hearts of Iron 4 console commands and cheats - picture of a soldier cavalry
Credit: Paradox

Using Hearts of Iron 4 console commands and cheats is the easiest way to speed up the game. By using HOI 4 cheats, you can build a strong nation and conquer the world easily. Plus, you can also experiment with division combos and macro or micro strategies.

Aside from cheat codes, Hearts of Iron 4 contains numerous easter eggs involving the popular Paradox games. Using cheats to hunt for these easter eggs is a viable strategy, especially if you’re pressed for time.

So, if you’re looking for Hearts of Iron 4 console commands and cheats, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you some of the best cheats for HOI 4 and their activation inputs.

What are the console commands and cheats for Hearts of Iron 4?

Currently, there are less than thirty console commands for Hearts of Iron 4. These commands can change production values, manpower rate, and even xp levels of units.

You can bring up the HOI 4 console by pressing and holding CTRL + ~ (Tilde key). Once the console has opened, you can now enter any command.

Here are the commands and cheats for Hearts of Iron 4:

  • Xp to selected division: xp
  • Added unity: unity [#]
  • Annex a nation: Annex [nation tag]
  • Finish Research for any slot: research [slot #]
  • Extra political power: pp
  • Extra manpower: manpower
  • Instant production: instantproduction
  • Diplomats agree always: yesman
  • Toggle the nudge tool: nudge
  • Toggle Fullscreen: fullscreen
  • Reveal price info: prices
  • Toggle AI on or off: ai
  • Toggle realistic AI: airealism
  • Justify war goals fast: instant_wargoal
  • Add nukes: nuke [#]
  • Activate or deactivate weather: weather
  • Add another country flag: set_country_flag [country flag]

Keep in mind that you don’t have to include the brackets in the console. The brackets are added in this article to separate values from the actual command.

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