Flight Simulator 2024 mods explained - the best ones

Flight Simulator 2024 mods helicopter on mountain

Flight Simulator 2024 mods helicopter on mountain

Finally, after years of waiting, Microsoft has given a sequel to their 2020 classic simulator. We can’t wait to go back to soaring through the sky on our favorite planet. But a big part of the fun of the 2020 Flight Sim was all about the user created content. Let’s look, then, at the Flight Simulator 2024 mods and what we know so far.

The amount of custom created content for Flight Simulator 2020 was nothing short of impressive, available for free it allowed users to keep up to date with changes in airports and new planes, among other things.

But if you’re looking forward to 2024, then you might also be worried about the Flight Simulator 2024 mods, so let’s take a look at what we know.

Will Flight Simulator 2020 mods work in 2024?

From what Microsoft has been announcing so far, it seems indeed that most 2020 mods should also work on Flight Simulator 2024. The company has confirmed that all aircraft and airports present in FS 2020, as well as almost all of the extensions on Marketplace, will be supported in Flight Simulator 2024.

Not only that, but Microsoft has confirmed that they will still be providing support for FS 2020 even after the launch of Flight Simulator 2024. The 2020 variant will continue to be updated, including updates to planes, cities and worlds.

While it is not confirmed that all mods will work, these announcements should definitely reassure most FS 2020 players that, if they decide to pick up the 2024 stand alone game, they should be able to keep playing all their previous user created content.

What are the best Flight Simulator 2024 mods?

So, once we know we should be able to use most FS 2020 mods, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting mods that we might be able to use on Flight Simulator 2024. As for us, we are partial to mods such as Flight Sim Squadron and BushTalk Radio, but let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

These are some of the best mods in Flight Simulator 2024:

  • Flight Sim Squadron: it allows you to fly ships from Star Wars, such as the Millenium Falcon, need we say more?
  • BushTalk Radio: it plays audio during certain parts of your flight so you can learn interesting things about your scenario
  • Airbus H135 Helicopter: allows you to flight a fully functional helicopter
  • Controllable Ships Fleet: want to steer a ship in Flight Simulator? Now you can
  • GoKart: yes indeed, want to race a GoKart? Take the show on the road

These are just some of the best examples. But if mods are your passion, check out some of the best VR mods and some of the Need for Speed Unbound mods.

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