Best VR mods - best VR mods for non-VR games

Best VR mods - best VR mods for non-VR games

Best VR mods - best VR mods for non-VR games

If you're looking for some of the best VR mods out there, then we've got you covered.

Thanks to modding communities like Flat2VR, we can now play some of our favourite non-VR games like Grand Theft Auto V and Half-Life in VR, which in turn could make them even better and more immersive.

So if you want to give one of the VR mods a go, then you can get started with these best VR mods for non-VR games.

Best VR mods for non-VR games

While there are lots of great native VR titles to enjoy, some of our favourites are yet to make their jump into virtual reality. That's where VR mods come in. They are a great way to port your flatscreen games to VR, giving you a chance to explore the worlds of your favourite games in a new and exciting way.

It is worth mentioning that although these mods themselves might be excellent, the games in question aren't designed for VR and often won't provide the most immersive, comfortable experience, so play at your own risk.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to our picks for the best VR mods.

Alien: Isolation - MotherVR

Best VR mods Alien: Isolation
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Credit: Road To VR

Alien: Isolation is a perfect candidate for a VR port, so even though we don’t have integrated official support, MotherVR works as a great solution for all those who would like to experience the game in virtual reality.

MotherVR adds full VR functionality, including motion controller support to the original game, allowing you to explore and survive the Alien universe in a totally immersive way. Despite being fan-made, the VR mod has proven to be stable and reliable since its first release, with many players loving it.

Unfortunately, while the mod supports VR controllers, it doesn’t have full hand tracking. Instead, your motion controllers act as a traditional gamepad, but it’s still very immersive.

You can download the MotherVR mod here at GitHub.

Risk of Rain 2 - DrBibop

Best VR mods Risk of Rain 2
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Credit: Upload VR

DrBibop has done an amazing job porting Risk of Rain 2 to full 6DOF VR, adding VR support directly in the game engine for a full native-like VR experience. This mod makes you play in the first person by default but you can always come back to the third person by going into the settings or the config editor.

The mod supports full, unique motion controls carefully designed for each character and QOL features such as optional snap turning. It is worth noting that the VR mod is fully playable between VR and non-VR players.

You can download the MotherVR mod here at

Valheim - Brandon Mousseau

Best VR mods Valheim
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Credit: Games Radar
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This experimental mod adds VR support to Valheim using OpenVR and SteamVR Unity integration, giving us a taste of what it could be like to play the game in VR. The mod is still very much in early development, but it’s still an interesting experience that everyone would enjoy.

There are still a few caveats to the Valheim VR mod, though. For example, if you play on a multiplayer server with non-VR players, they would see strange things like your character having no upper-body animation and damage appearing in front of you when you attack.

You can download the MotherVR mod here at Nexus Mods.

Outer Wilds - NomaiVR

Best VR mods Outer Worlds
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Developed by Ricardo Lopes, this incredible Outer Wilds VR mod allows you to explore space in a new way. With 6DOF tracking and full motion control support, NomaiVR brings you into the universe of Outer Wilds with immersive 360-degree vistas and dynamic interactions with the environment.

Simply put, this mod support is a solid realization of the game in VR. That said, you may encounter some jitter when talking to characters and transitioning between planets while running at 1080p. We can hope that the mod will be perfected with time, but it's a fantastic experience.

You can download the NomaiVR mod here on their official website.

Doom 3 - Team Beef

Best VR mods Doom 3
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Credit: Upload VR

Finally, the iconic first-person shooter from id Software can finally be played in virtual reality, thanks to the modding group Team Beef. The mod supports fully wireless 6D0F tracking along with other VR features such as fully tracked VR weapons, two-handed weapons, VR UI touchscreen interaction and more.

With a dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action and outstanding graphics, this VR port of Doom 3 is sure to please fans of the original PC game. It is worth noting that this port does not contain any of the original copyrighted assets, so you’ll need to legally own Doom 3 if you want to play the VR mod.

You can download the Team Beef mod here on their official website.

So, there you have it, that's our top picks for some of the best VR mods for non-VR games available, and be sure to check the best Contractors mods.

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