Fake people will fill The Metaverse to make it seem populated

Technology continues to impress in a way that’s scary and threatening, especially with the metaverse constantly being pushed by corporations. It seems that these companies know the metaverse won’t be huge right away, planning “digital people” to fill spaces up.

Similar to multiplayer shooters, there are plans for fake people to fill a quota and not make online spaces empty. While it’s far from the most controversial plan we’ve seen, it’s definitely something that many users will be talking about.

Populating the metaverse with fake people

Due to advancements in technology, there are plans to place fake people in the metaverse to fill space and sell things. Apparently, these fake digital people can have “natural conversations” and even possess personalities, making them perfect for this online platform.

Naturally, this is to ensure that customers have a good experience when they’re online, while also filling a company’s quota. InWorld is the company who are planning to work on these digital people, making a character creator that can give avatars personalities.

Aside from helping out in the metaverse, the folks at InWorld think their digital people can act as employee simulators. While digital spaces seem to be the intent, it’s somewhat reassuring to see some real-life purpose to this odd idea.

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Fake people that look realistic?

We’ve seen a couple of metaverse avatars in the past and they look far from realistic, looking like models from The Sims at best. Greg Cross, CEO and co-founder of digital people company Soul Machines, hopes to change that by making them look realistic.

Though many are weary of avatars crossing the uncanny valley, Cross thinks that realistic avatars will make for more natural conversations. Admittedly, we doubt many people will want to talk with realistic avatars selling them stuff, but the logic is there.

"If you were talking to a digital car salesperson for example, we could put three cars on screen and determine which one you're looking at," says Cross. "From there, the digital salesperson can tailor the conversation even further to your interests."

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