Every Final Fantasy 7 sword recreated by insanely talented fan

every final fantasy 7 sword recreated by insanely talented fan
Credit: Square Enix

every final fantasy 7 sword recreated by insanely talented fan
Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 is still one of the most beloved games ever made. One fan’s love for the game is so strong that they decided to create all 16 of Cloud’s swords.

A fan from the Gaming subreddit revealed their collection of swords from the beloved JRPG. Everything from the legendary Buster Sword to the Ragnarok and even the Ultima Weapon, they’re all here.

Comments from the subreddit have praised the fan for making this collection. Some of them even became nostalgic and started talking about their favorite weapons in Final Fantasy 7.

A bunch of Final Fantasy 7 swords
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Credit: Shred-the-Gnarnar (Reddit)

“The original sword always looked the best. So OTT because no one had seen anything like it before and it was great,” says BrakoVonDoom.

“This dude has the Ultima Sword,” says PRSHZ. “Hats off to you!”

“I literally just finished this game for the first time an hour ago and opened reddit to see this. Such a great game, and it's interesting how the Buster Sword is so iconic when you only use it at the very beginning,” chimed in WorldEaterYoshi.

Posts like these are why Square Enix is remaking Final Fantasy 7. No matter how much time has passed, fans continue to praise the game for its impactful story and memorable cast of characters. To this day it’s the gold standard for this series and only a few games have reached its quality.

Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is the next chapter in the remake series, exclusively coming to the PlayStation 5. Square Enix proudly boasted that these games will come in two discs, so maybe we’ll see more of the weapons from this post. We definitely won’t see the Ultima Weapon until the last game in this remake trilogy.

The remake has also inspired Square Enix to bring back several games from their past. A Final Fantasy 9 remake has been rumoured for the longest time and will reportedly keep its turn-based combat. Square is also remaking Star Ocean 2, which is expected to come out later this year.

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No release date for Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth has been announced, though it will come out in early 2024.

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