Ethlas Metaverse: What Is Ethlas Metaverse And What Crypto Does Ethlas Metaverse Use?

Blockchain technology is becoming more mature, and more and more exciting blockchain projects are being developed. Ethlas Metaverse is an ambitious project in this area with huge potential. In short, It is a decentralized platform that rewards its users with crypto for their gaming skills. According to its website, Ethlas Metaverse aims to become the Steam Games platform for blockchain.

So, what exactly is Ethlas and what crypto does Ethlas use? We’ll take a closer look at this project and find out the answers.

What is Ethlas Metaverse?

Ethlas is a Free-To-Play, Play-To-Earn blockchain-based Metaverse built on the Polygon chain. As a matter of fact, Ethlas is voted as the best NFT project by Polygon.

In the Metaverse, players engage with a suite of skill-based games to earn GEMs - the in-game currency of Ethlas. You can either use the GEMs you earned to join the weekly grand draw to win more GEMs or redeem them for crypto.

What makes Ethlas Metaverse special is that it is free to play. With no subscription fee, players can immediately dive into the world and have a good time. You can play a variety of games at your leisure, and earn a few bucks in the process.

Best part? It's available on both PC & mobile and it's pretty easy to get started. All you have to do is Install MetaMask on your phone or browser and connect your wallet. Easy right? Obviously, if you are a gamer as well as a crypto enthusiast, you'll love this!

Ethlas’ goal is to create a Metaverse for gamers where they can sustainably earn crypto while they play their favourite games. The Metaverse is developed and run by an experienced team of veteran tech leaders who have worked at Google, Facebook, Credit Suisse, Grab, Servis Hero, and Airbnb.

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What Crypto Does Ethlas Use?

Ethlas Metaverse has 2 major crypto tokens: Exchange Genesis Ethlas Medium (XGEM) and Ethlas Governance Token (ELS).

The $XGEM token is the native currency of the Metaverse, used for all in-game purchases and rewards. In addition, it is used for participating in tournament mode and NFT Breeding

ELS is an ERC-20 token for the Ethlas platform and the token holders will be able to participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn ELS tokens through various games within the Ethlas Metaverse as well as through various giveaways and initiatives run by the Ethlas community.

Overall, Ethlas is an amazing concept, and undoubtedly, it has everything to attract people. We hope to see it develop and make a strong impact on the world of online gaming and crypto.

Stay tuned for more important updates on this promising Metaverse!

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