Emotion AI specialists claim Amber Heard is acting in all court testimonies

The ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has uncomfortably become an entertainment event for millions. With so many eyes on the case, a large number of online creators have set out to expose details about Amber Heard’s testimony, including Emotion AI specialists.

Amber Heard vs Emotion AI

After both parties finished their six-week testimonies, TikTok channel Smileml_ opted to give viewers their expert analysis of the trial. The trial’s infamous nature has led to a lot of content from body language experts on YouTube and other social media platforms, but this analysis was different.

Using machine learning algorithms, the TikTok channel compared Amber Heard’s testimony from 2018 against her testimony from 2022. The Emotion AI showed data that made it seem like two “totally different people… telling the same story”.

The channel noted that the wild variance between the two testimonies points towards Heard acting her way through the trial. While Amber Heard could be telling the truth, the data claims otherwise.

“This happens throughout her trial and her testimony,” they said. “And this sort of difference is indicative of intentionality or acting.

In another video, the Emotion AI specialists pointed out that the actress makes it obvious when she dislikes someone. Across both trials, the actress leans her head when she appears to dislike someone. In the recent trial, she does this against Depp’s team, mostly to Camille Vasques. 

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Is Johnny Depp telling the truth?

The Emotion AI specialists also made sure to analyse the multiple testimonies of Johnny Depp. In another video, Smileml explains that Depp’s testimonies appear more faithful and sincere.

The analyser explains that consistency in story and how that story is told is the key to authenticity. In comparison to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is incredibly consistent.

“It’s important to come across as consistent when telling the same story,” they said. “It lends itself to credibility and authenticity. You don’t want to be seen as two totally different people when you’re telling the same story… Johnny is pretty consistent.”

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Does plastic surgery alter the results?

As Amber Heard’s analysis showed such varying results, many wondered if alterations to the actress’ face could be at fault. While never confirmed by the actress, many have claimed that Heard has seen heavy alterations to her face over the last few years.

While Smileml didn’t answer questions regarding the subject, they did hint that it could cause some issues with consistency. However, that’s a video for a future time.

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