Amber Heard lied about being cut from contract, claims DC Films exec

Aquaman actress Amber Heard is currently embroiled in a defamation lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp. The $50 million court case has revealed a number of details about both actor’s lives. However, it would appear that a number of statements regarding Ms. Heard may not be true.

Last week, Amber Heard testified that her presence in Aquaman 2 was heavily fought for. The actress claims that DC did not want her in the movie and even cancelled her contract. This may not be true.

DC Films exec Walter Hamada on Amber Heard

During court proceedings yesterday, DC Films exec Walter Hamada was brought to the stand to discuss Amber Heard’s DC presence. When asked if the actress’ claims of being removed from her contract were true, Hamada simply claimed: “No.”

In previous testimony, Heard claimed that she was supposed to be a main part of Aquaman 2. The actress revealed that her parts were continually cut down in script revisions, but Hamada has a different take.

During his testimony, Hamada claimed that Heard’s character Mera was never going to be a main character in the movie. Instead, the movie was always planned to be about Arthur Curry and his brother Orm Marius. Mera seemingly was always a background character.

When asked if Heard was ever planned to be the co-lead for the movie, Hamada said: “No. The movie was always pitched as a buddy comedy between Jason Mamoa and Patrick Wilson.” He also explains that the actress’ role wasn’t cut due to controversies surrounding her and Johnny Depp.

However, Hamada did discuss plans to recast Heard for the sequel, albeit not due to controversies. Instead, the company discussed replacing the actress due to "[an] issue of chemistry" between Heard and Jason Momoa. The company wished to find an actress with more “natural chemistry”.

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Is she irrelevant in Hollywood?

Hamada’s statements regarding Amber Heard come amid a new aspect of the trial in which the actress’ team claims Depp’s statements are ruining her reputation. During this segment, Hollywood Attorney Richard Marks took the stand, explaining that Heard is not the star she thinks she is.

Marks was asked about Heard’s claims that she was let go from her Aquaman 2 contract and then rehired. The attorney claimed that this was not normal in Hollywood, and suggested that it would have happened. He also denied claims that Heard was going to make $4 million per movie.

However, most importantly, Marks shut down claims that Amber Heard was an actress on the same level as stars like Jason Mamoa, Zendaya and more, saying: “They are not comparable.”

“Jason Mamoa was Aquaman. Chris Pine was Captain Kirk. Gal Gadot was Wonder Woman,” he explained. “Zendaya has been working on Disney Channel since she was 13; she’s in all the Spider-Man movies. She goes by one name. Ana De Armas… she been in an ensemble piece, Knives Out, these are not comparable.”

Currently, Heard’s team is attempting to painpaint the actress as a huge star. However, with the internet currently hating on the actress, that will be hard to prove.

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