Disney hires former Apple exec to bring “Next Generation Storytelling” to the metaverse

Despite being an unproven platform thus far, many major companies have thrown their hat into the metaverse hype, with Epic Games, LEGO, and Addidas only being some of the examples. It should come to no one's surprise that entertainment conglomerate Disney is jumping on the bandwagon, hiring former Apple Games Executive Mark Bozon to lead the charge.

This isn’t the first time Disney has made its metaverse ambitions clear, as the company had said they wanted Disney+ to be at the platform’s center. At the time, Disney stated that they wanted to use the metaverse to craft stories without boundaries and it seems that Bozon is the man to make it happen.

Next Generation Storytelling

Bozon has been hired to be Disney’s Senior Creative Leader for its cross-divisional Next Generation Storytelling initiative. Fans might be fooled by that fancy title, but Variety confirmed that Bozon's role will essentially be managing an interconnected metaverse.

Disney sees the potential to “tell stories” on the platform and Bozon is expected to build a team that will work with all Disney brands. Across gaming, film, TV, toys, parks, and more, Disney's metaverse could be unparalleled in its potential.

With the brand security of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Channel, Alien and countless other properties, Disney could create a Ready Player One ststyle world all on its lonesome. After all, people will go where the memorable properties are.

In addition to all of that, Bozon is also expected to innovate and incubate “bold ideas” that will act as possible concepts got Disney’s Next Generation Storytelling initiative. As of this writing, there don’t appear to be any concrete plans from the House of Mouse just yet but Bozon should get something done once the gears get going.

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Disney’s potential in the metaverse

Considering how Disney wants Bozon to work on various business ideas for the metaverse, it’s clear that the company is determined to make a huge impact on the platform. Due to how the metaverse lets users interact with each other on the internet a their avatars, Disney hopes to create “new canvases for storytelling and audience engagement” through the Next Generation Storytelling initiative.

Only time will tell if the metaverse is actually worth investing in but considering the ludicrous amount of money companies have put in, the platform will have to succeed. It is funny seeing Disney get excited to take over another form of entertainment like the company hasn’t bought enough studios already.

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