Crypto Raiders Token: What Is Crypto Raiders NFT Game And What Is Crypto Raiders Token?

Blockchain gaming has been in the spotlight lately. The technology has already spawned multiple gaming projects, including Ertha, Gala, and Ethlas. More and more blockchain games are being developed, launched and played by the day. Crypto Raiders is the latest game to receive a lot of attention lately. So, let's take a closer look at the Crypto Raiders NFT game... and its token!

What is Crypto Raiders NFT Game?

Crypto Raiders is a utility-based NFT RPG game that is inspired by Zed.Run and World of Warcraft. Here, players send characters into battle to loot dungeons, defeat bosses and earn tokens. You'll be able to watch a simulation (like the sims game) of your character fighting enemies in the metaverse.

To play the game, first, you have to purchase a character (Raider). These characters are NFTs and you can purchase a character from OpenSea. You can select your characters names, alter their appearance and equip gear, potions/consumables. 

In addition, players can own NFT characters called MOBS. In short, MOBS are the player-owned enemies found in every Crypto Raiders dungeon. If your MOB defeats a Crypto Raider, you get a portion of the Raider’s gear and $AURUM tokens. Like Raiders, MOBS can also be purchased from the OpenSea marketplace.

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What is Crypto Raiders Token?

The Crypto Raiders NFT game has two tokens: RAIDER and AURUM. The RAIDER token represents the Crypto Raiders overall economy. Token holders get a share of all revenue generated through in-game purchases and activities.

On the other hand, the AURUM token is the in-game currency of the Crypto Raiders. You can earn AURUM rewards by successfully raiding dungeons or defeating other raiders with your MOBS. In addition, players can stake their RAIDER tokens to earn AURUM.

The Crypto Raiders token price is $11.60 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,610,923 USD. The token is down 9.68% in the last 24 hours. Sushiswap (Polygon POS) is currently the most active exchange to buy and sell RAIDER tokens.

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