Crypto and NFTs invade new Ni No Kuni game already ruined by gacha

Ni No Kuni was once a beloved JRPG series from acclaimed developer Level-5, with a number of great games. However, times change and making money is hard, and the new Ni No Kuni game has disappointedly moved to a mobile, Free-to-Play gacha game that embraces cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Free-to-play gacha games already have a negative stigma towards them due to their grindy, pay-to-win design. That's why it's even more infuriating to see the gorgeous Studio Ghibli-inspired game also peddle crypto crap.

Paying to win with cryptocurrency

Called Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, NNetmarble's mobile game proudly displays its crypto influences to would-be players. Players can play to get tokens that can be exchanged for Marblex, NetMarble’s own cryptocurrency.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you can get more cryptocurrency by exchanging your Marblex for more crypto. There’s a word to describe how bad the crypto implementation is and it rhymes with ducking hit.

Earning in-game currency is the norm for most gacha mobile titles, as players can use these to gain items and make progression easier. But seeing the title’s main website proudly showing off how mobile gamers can purchase cryptocurrency just feels wrong, especially since the Ni No Kuni titles always aimed at younger audiences

Unsurprisingly, players of the Ni No Kuni mobile game are already claiming that the usual gacha issues are exacerbated here. Grinding takes longer than usual, even when compared to other Free-to-Play games, so those that want to have fun with this might have to cough up some cash eventually.

Mfw Ni No Kuni peddles crypto crap.
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Mfw Ni No Kuni peddles crypto crap.

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NFTs are coming soon

If proudly displaying cryptocurrency on the game’s official website wasn’t bad enough, the mobile Ni No Kuni title is also planning to introduce NFTs to the mix. After all, if you put one foot in the grave, you might as well dive right on in.

Netmarble isn't hiding this either. The game’s roadmap has “Add NFTs” as one of the major features coming in Q4 2022. In fairness, there are also gameplay elements in the roadmap but seeing NFTs as an early priority is just sickening,

While players can download the mobile Ni No Kuni title now, we highly advise they don’t do that. Thankfully, there are two excellent Ni No Kuni video games available right now for PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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