Best portable monitor for Switch 2020: Improve your playing on the go with these portable HD displays

Nintendo has always been king of the portable. From changing the landscape of handheld gaming with the

Game Boy

, to sticking to its guns and wowing us all with the


, it has always served the gamer on the go.

If you hold your Switch dearly, but want to take your portable gaming experience to the next level, you might want to invest in a portable monitor. To that end, here are our picks of the best portable monitor for Switch.


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MSI Optix MAG161V

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MSI is proven when it comes to high-quality computers and accessories. That's why the Optix MAG161V is our go-to monitor for Switch.

This monitor has everything you need: a full HD (1080p) 15.6" display, 60 Hz refresh rate, two USB-C and one HDMI ports, and a headphone jack. The only thing it's missing is speakers, but if you're planning on playing on a train or plane journey, that won't matter.

G-Story 17.3" monitor

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G-STORY appears to be nothing much more than a budget brand, but they have the only 17.3" display in stock on Amazon right now and it has fantastic reviews.

We love the design of this monitor, which screams gamer from the first glance. The 17.3" full HD display delivers 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes games like 

Mario Kart 


Super Smash Bros.

even more exciting than they normally are.

Aztine 15.6" monitor

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Aztine is another name you won't recognise, but its 15.6" portable monitor is proven by a slew of five-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Portable monitors are by no means "cheap" (yet), but the Aztine display is the best for under £200 we've found. It's a full HD 15.6" IPS LCD screen with 60 Hz refresh rate and built-in speakers. Nice!

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