Best Switch controller 2020: Our favourite gamepads for the Nintendo Switch right now

If you're looking for a new controller for your Nintendo Switch, you won't be spoilt for choice. The company has always been king of personalisation, and this generation is no exception.

From third-party budget gamepads to elite wireless controllers, the question of best Switch controller 2020 is a deep one. Check out our recommendations below based on your preferences...


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The best first-party controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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Not a fan of the Switch Joy-Cons? The Nintendo Switch Pro controller has you covered, offering a more traditional gaming experience without trading in comfort and performance.

This official Nintendo controller can be used in TV or table mode, wired or wirelessly, and features a simple but striking design that’ll give you the comfort and access you need.

The best replacement for Switch Joy-Cons: Hori Split Pad Pro

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If you like the Joy-Con placement, but still want the full controller experience, check out the Hori Split Pad Pro. This hybrid controller is perfect for use in portable mode.

With larger grips, programmable rear triggers and turbo function, this officially licensed third-party controller is a great upgrade for a very reasonable price.

The best retro Switch controller: 8BitDo SF30 / SN30 PRO

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If you grew up playing the SNES every evening after school, the 8BitDo SF30 / SN30 PRO controller is perfect for you. In addition to Switch, you can even use it on PC or as a mobile controller.

Styled in true SNES controller fashion, the SF30 PRO (with multi-coloured buttons) and SN30 PRO (with classic purple buttons) support rumble vibration and motion controls, and feature clickable joysticks, home and screenshot buttons.

The best cheap controller: PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

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If you need a cheap and cheerful extra or replacement for a broken controller - or just don't want to spend a whole lot - check out the PowerA Enhanced Wired Contr0ller.

Available in a handful of colours, this wired controller is simple but effective. It also features two rear buttons that you can map to whatever you like, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack for your favourite headset.

The best GameCube-style controller: PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro

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The GameCube controller was revolutionary for Nintendo, and many fans still dub it the greatest controller ever. Naturally, its popularity has continued up to the present day.

There are many GameCube-style controllers on the market, but the best is undoubtedly the PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro. Not only does it feel and perform the best, but it's available in an incredible range of designs based on popular Nintendo franchises.

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