Save nearly $100 on the new Apple MacBook Air today

A Midnight-coloured 15-inch MacBook half open above a silver 13-inch MacBook.
Credit: Apple

A Midnight-coloured 15-inch MacBook half open above a silver 13-inch MacBook.
Credit: Apple

Yesterday, we found the latest MacBook Air at a discount, although the offer was exclusive to the UK, leaving our US audience hanging. Fear not, though, because today we've found a deal that's just as exciting for our US readers. Not only does it slash nearly $100 off the 2024 Apple MacBook Air's price, but it also bundles in 3 years of AppleCare+ at no extra cost.

There may be bigger discounts out there, but getting $95 off the usual $1,528 price tag isn't too bad considering the laptop is barely a month old. It's also a very good device too, which makes this a superb deal in our eyes. Let's dive deeper into what it offers...

Apple MacBook Air product image of an open Midnight-coloured laptop with a light and dark blue pattern on the display, with the laptop next to the white, black, and red AppleCare+ logo.
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Credit: Apple

Should you buy the MacBook Air?

This year's Apple MacBook Air comes with the M3 chip, which is faster than before and generally more powerful. This one comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage as well. It's got all the stats most people need from a MacBook Air, not just for using the internet or streaming shows, but for creative endeavors as well.

It also has a substantially better battery life despite the extra oomph, with Apple boasting up to 18 hours, and comes with an impressively clear HD camera built-in too. That combined with the spatial audio means you've got a MacBook that can handle just about anything you want to throw at it.

It's especially good if you're in the Apple ecosystem when it comes to phones too, because you can literally use it to answer calls and texts if you like keeping your phone away from you while you're working. Plus, you can copy and paste between your devices, which is great if you're someone who simply never stops working.

That's really only scratching the surface of what the 2024 MacBook Air has to offer as well, so make sure you check it out using the link below and take advantage of that discount!

Now that you've got that sorted, why not go and check out some of our other deals pages, including the best TV deals and the best gaming laptop deals, because it's always a good day to save money.

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