The most popular Metaverse hosts its first wedding

We’ve seen people use the metaverse for a number of events like parties and concerts, so weddings were inevitable. That being said, many fans were still excited to see the first ever metaverse wedding to take place on The Sandbox.

Although the news isn’t that shocking anymore, the fact that public events like weddings can be celebrated online is incredible. Considering all of the work that goes into a wedding, it will be fun to see if this becomes big.

Metaverse weddings are now a thing

The Sandbox is still considered to be the most popular metaverse, so seeing it host a wedding has fans talking. It’s the platform's first wedding and there’s a good chance that this won’t be the last if other events are an indication.

For anyone who’s curious, the participants were newlywed Singaporean couple Joanne Tham and CEO of music company Bandwagon, Clarence Chan. Using a 70’s Disco Glam theme (via Coingape), the couple ended up celebrating their wedding online and in real life.

It seems that everything went well for the happy couple and The Sandbox will likely keep doing them for exposure. Only time will tell if this becomes a popular concept in the long run but they won’t replace real weddings.

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Not new to other platforms

While metaverse weddings are new to The Sandbox, other platforms have hosted them in the past, so they aren’t new. Still, it’s a big deal for The Sandbox and users are interested in seeing what other events will be a first for the platform.

Metaverse users have already seen their fair share of parties and concerts on the platform so this isn’t anything new. Even MMO games have hosted similar events in the past, including weddings, though we assume that metaverse weddings are more immersive.

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