Meta holding back developers from realising the Metaverse, says VR devs

It’s difficult making projects for VR devices, let alone for Meta. As the company wants to make the metaverse relevant, a number of developers have accused Meta of holding their projects back.

While the metaverse is still niche, the platform is slowly becoming more relevant, hence all the VR projects being made. Now that Meta has gained a considerable amount of power in the VR space, many developers feel they have a monopoly in this industry.

Meta is becoming a VR monopoly

Ever since they purchased Oculus eight years ago, Meta’s been a dominant power in VR and developers don’t like it. With the metaverse slowly becoming accepted by the mainstream, more VR projects are in demand and Meta has the keys to their future.

“All the power in the industry — at least at the moment — definitely feels like it’s in the hands of that one company,” says developer RJ White to The Washington Post. “If you can’t get that one company to let your game onto their headset, then you are going to have a rough time in the business.”

Being a VR monopoly aside, developers have also complained about the restrictions Meta places, limiting what apps they can make. The company has defended itself, claiming that they need to make things “VR accessible,” while acknowledging that developers need more.

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We need VR competition

It seems that these developers are in need of more VR companies to ensure Meta doesn’t stay a monopoly forever. While other countries are working on their version of the metaverse, it’s hard to say if they make the same impact.

VR developer Ramon Llamas feels that Meta is the dominant company right now, saying: “If you total up everybody else, they don’t even come close to approaching the same kind of volume that Facebook has or Meta has.”

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