Will there be an All 4 app on Xbox Series X/S, and how will players watch Channel 4 shows on the console?

Channel 4 has been a British institution since its launch in 1982. Shows such as ‘Countdown’, ‘Crystal Maze’ and even ‘GamesMaster’ have all appeared on the channel. Since then other channels like ‘E4’ and ‘More4’ have also introduced shows such as ‘The Inbetweeners’.

With the Xbox Series S/X launching in November, eyes are slowly turning to when certain apps will be available; from iPlayer to Disney+.

All4 launched on the same day as the Xbox One back in 2013, and many are hoping the same occurs here.

With that, here’s what we know on whether the All4 app will be appearing on the consoles soon.

When will All4 be available?

There’s been no confirmation as yet to whether the Channel 4 app will be appearing on the Xbox. The app was announced to be available on day one of the Xbox One, so it could occur again with the Series S/X.

When the Xbox One first launched, All4 was among the select group of media applications available on Day One. This trend is set to continue as Xbox has confirmed that the media applications available on the Xbox One will continue over to the Series X, in line with its game backwards compatibility.

"Our favorite entertainment apps you enjoy today on Xbox One will be available on Xbox Series X and Series S" from November 10," a recent blog post confirmed, meaning All4 will be making the jump to next-gen.

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How to download All4 on Xbox Series X

All4 will be available from the Microsoft Store on the Xbox Series X/S, which now loads faster than ever before.

Aside from the Store, the upgraded Series X User Interface has introduced an Entertainment block, similar to the Movies and TV Hub on the PlayStation 4. This can be pinned to your Home menu, and will "showcase the latest content in movies, TV, and music across popular entertainment apps."

This means that if any All4 shows explode in popularity, you'll likely be able to access them from this Entertainment section.

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