What Is BeReal - A Beginner's Guide

What Is BeReal?

What Is BeReal?

What is BeReal? Simply put, it's an unfiltered social media app that lets you share your true self.

Most people share an idealised version of themselves on social media, cherry-picking only the best photos. The perfect pictures we see on Instagram and Facebook are a product of hours of makeup, flattering poses, and all kinds of editing.

But what if there is a platform to share your real self with others? That's exactly what BeReal does in a nutshell. It focuses on authenticity. While you can retake a BeReal or post a BeReal late, there are consequences to this.

Let's find out more about BeReal.

What Is BeReal App?

What Is BeReal?
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Credit: BeReal

As the name suggests, BeReal urges everyone to be real and share their true selves. There are no filters or editing to make you look better, so users can share their most authentic, unfiltered photos.

Unlike Instagram and TikTok, BeReal has no likes or followers system that it won't make you famous or viral. So, if you wish to become an influencer, BeReal is definitely not the place for you. Better you stay on TikTok and Instagram.

With BeReal, you can connect with your close friends, and share your true self without any fear of being judged or ridiculed by others. If you're looking for a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life, give BeReal a try.

How Does BeReal Work?

What Is BeReal?
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Credit: BeReal

Every day at a random time, everyone in the same time zone is notified at the same time to capture and share a picture in two minutes. This way, BeReal catches you unprepared and gives you no time to stage your photo, thereby ensuring that you post the most authentic picture of yourself.

A photo is taken with back and front cameras, so users can share a photo of themselves and their environment to show their friends what they are currently doing. If you fail to post a BeReal, you will not be able to see your friends’ posts and the Discovery page.

What Is BeReal?
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Credit: BeReal

Although there is no "like" option, users can comment on their friends' BeReal posts and react to them with RealMojis. The app will also display the number of times you have retaken to capture a BeReal post.

Some Notable Features of BeReal

What Is BeReal?
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Credit: BeReal

Here are some features that make BeReal different from other social media apps.

  • No filters or edit buttons.
  • Does not have profiles, followers, likes or messaging.
  • No ads. No subscriptions. No in-app purchases (as of now). See how BeReal makes money.
  • All BeReal posts get automatically deleted from the feed when the next BeReal notification goes out.
  • BeReal notifies screenshots.
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  • Users can only post one picture a day.
  • You can delete your BeReal post only once a day.
  • You can see (only you) all your previous BeReal posts in a single place called "Memories."

These unique features are what make BeReal an amazing app. A clear indicator of the "impact" it has had is the fact that rival social media apps have introduced or are testing similar features. TikTok Now and Instagram Candid Challenges, to name a few.

BeReal won iPhone App of the Year for giving people what Apple called, “an authentic glimpse into their friend's and family's everyday lives.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Miss The BeReal Notification?

If you miss the notification, you can still post a BeReal. However, your BeReal will be marked late and your friends will be notified that you posted late.

Who Can See My BeReal Posts?

By default, only your friends can see your BeReal. However, if you make your BeReal public, your post will appear on the Discovery page and every BeReal user will be able to see it.

Is BeReal Free?

Yes, BeReal is free to download. The app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. According to BeReal's Terms of Use, the app is for those aged 13 and older.

Is BeReal Safe?

The BeReal privacy policy clearly states that the app will not disclose to third parties any information or personal data provided by users. So we can say that BeReal is safe to use.

Can you send messages on BeReal?

Currently, you can't send messages on BeReal as the app doesn't have a DM option. Whether the devs will integrate a DM feature in the future is uncertain. It is unlikely as the app doesn't want its users to waste time on it. But, let's see!

Why is BeReal so glitchy?

Since BeReal is a new app, it has a lot of bugs and it is pretty common. For example, some users can't add friends and occasionally the BeReal app crashes. There are a few glitches with the BeReal notification as well. Fortunately, the devs are aware of all the bugs and are working on fixing the asap.

Now that you have learned everything basic about BeReal, let's dive in deep. Have a look at other BeReal tutorials such as how to take two pictures on BeReal and how to fix BeReal can't add friends issue.

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