How To Retake A BeReal Post

How To Retake A BeReal

How To Retake A BeReal

Wondering how to retake a BeReal post? We've got you covered!

By providing a platform to capture life's unexpected, mundane, and exciting moments, the BeReal app is encouraging users to be more authentic on social media. The app prompts you every day to capture and post a photo of yourself and the environment you are in within 2 minutes at a random time.

It is impossible to predict what time the BeReal notification comes and hence users are caught unprepared. You will be left scrambling when the notification comes in and probably you wouldn't get a decent pic on the first try and you may need to retake the photo.

But how do you do that? Let's find out how BeReal retakes work!

How To Retake A BeReal Post

The 'Time to BeReal' notification sends you into an absolute frenzy. Within two minutes, you have to click the best possible pic.

Luckily, BeReal allows you to retake pics, just in case your first try wasn't good enough. Of course, you can retake as many times as you like as long as the 2-minute timer hasn't run out. Now let's see how you can retake a BeReal post.

When the app previews the pic you have just taken, you will see an X icon on the top right. Just tap on it and you will be taken back to the camera where you can retake your BeReal.

Be creative this time and take two front (selfie) pictures on BeReal. And before you post, you can change the privacy settings of the post to make your BeReal public and visible to all BeReal users.

How To Delete And Retake A BeReal

If you aren't impressed by the pic you posted, you can delete your BeReal and capture a new one. First, let's see how you can delete a BeReal.

To delete the BeReal on iPhone, tap the 3-dot icon next to your BeReal’s timestamp, then tap Options, then Delete my BeReal. On Android, open the 3-dot icon next to your BeReal’s timestamp, then tap Delete my BeReal.

Once you have deleted your BeReal, go to your My friends feed or Discovery and tap Post a Late BeReal. You will be taken to the camera interface and there you can capture and share your pic.

Pro tip: If you want to delete BeReal twice, just change your time zone from the settings and the BeReal will be automatically deleted.

Now that you know how to retake on BeReal, have a look at how to see BeReal without posting and how to fix the BeReal notification not working issue.

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