What are the numbers in the Instagram bio?

A picture showing the mysterious numbers in the Instagram bio

A picture showing the mysterious numbers in the Instagram bio

When you visit someone's Instagram profile, you may come across a badge that displays a series of numbers in the format of "@6583198." These digits ignite a burning question within us: What are these numbers in the Instagram bio?

Well, these numbers have something to do with Instagram Threads. But if you're reading this, chances are you're not yet familiar with the new kid on the block known as Instagram Threads. So, allow us to introduce you to Threads and the mysterious numbers.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll uncover the secrets behind the numbers that grace Instagram bios, demystifying their purpose and unravelling the stories they tell.

What are the numbers in the Instagram bio?

The number in the Instagram bio represents the order in which a person signed up for Instagram Threads.

Let's say you stumble upon an Instagram bio with the number @112233. This means that the account holder is the 112,233th person to have joined Instagram Threads. The badge indicates the person's presence and participation on Instagram Threads.

Clicking on the number or badge will seamlessly redirect you to the person's Threads account, granting you access to their Threads posts, provided you have the Instagram Threads app installed on your device.

In case you have been living under the rocks, Instagram Threads is a text-based conversation app similar to Twitter. The app is an extension of Instagram, so you need an Instagram account for Threads.

The numbers in the bio are temporary

An image that shows numbers in the Instagram bio.
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The Threads badge is temporary and will naturally disappear from the Instagram bio after a few weeks. (See the above picture)

As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of the badge is to signal your followers that you are on Threads. As the new platform gains more users and becomes fully active, the developers will eventually remove the badge from Instagram profiles.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to remove or hide the Threads badge from Instagram. However, keep in mind that you cannot show or unhide the Threads badge on Instagram once it has been removed.

In other exciting news, the user count for Instagram Threads has skyrocketed, surpassing an impressive 100 million within a mere 5 days since its launch. If you find yourself intrigued by this new platform, we invite you to read our Threads review.

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