Apple Vision Pro Can Now Play SteamVR Games, but You Won’t Want To

Apple Vision Pro headset in front of a SteamVR wallpaper
Credit: Apple / Valve

Apple Vision Pro headset in front of a SteamVR wallpaper
Credit: Apple / Valve

Although Apple has never marketed the Vision Pro as a gaming device, you can still enjoy some titles on the pricey XR headset. However, compared to other VR headsets, the Vision Pro certainly lacks a variety of exciting virtual reality games.

Fortunately, a new app allows you to play some of the best PC VR games on the Apple Vision Pro. While the Meta Quest 3 boasts a much larger library of games, the release of ALVR on the VisionOS App Store has expanded the number of titles available for the Vision Pro.

Games like Half-Life: Alyx have been playable on the Vision Pro thanks to ALVR since shortly after launch, despite some issues during its TestFlight stage. Quality of life improvements, a higher refresh rate, and additional upgrades have made ALVR a great option for Vision Pro owners. Now, as UploadVR reports, the ALVR app is available on the VisionOS App Store.

While we think it's a neat app for those with a VR-ready PC and an Apple Vision Pro, we wouldn't recommend it to anyone seeking the best VR headset for gaming. The lack of controllers severely limits the number of playable titles, making it more of an experimental app than a full-fledged gaming solution at this time.

That said, if you're buying the Apple Vision Pro for gaming, you're likely purchasing it for the wrong reasons. Although the headset offers the exclusive Marvel's What If? game and other entertainment features like Disney Plus's 3D movies, it is primarily designed for creative and office work. If you’re searching for a good gaming headset, we recommend the upcoming Meta Quest 3s as a budget-friendly option.

However, if you already own the Vision Pro or are waiting for its release in more countries, ALVR is an intriguing way to play your existing SteamVR games. We hope Apple will add SteamVR support in the future.

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