TikTok Now Vs BeReal - Which Is Better?

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Which Is Better?

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Which Is Better?

With the release of TikTok's BeReal clone app, we thought it would be fun to do a TikTok Now Vs BeReal comparison and see which one is better.

BeReal is the latest social media phenomenon that has taken the world by storm by allowing people to show the world their real selves. The app became so popular that Instagram hopped on the bandwagon with its Candid Challenges.

Even a music suggestion app called Kiwi Music took inspiration from the BeReal concept. TikTok Now is the latest app to join the bandwagon and it looks like the battle for the unfiltered social media throne has begun.

So, we decided to compare the two apps, TikTok Now and BeReal, to see which one is better.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Similarities

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Which Is Better?
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Credit: TikTok

The premise of BeReal and TikTok Now is simple and similar. Once a day at a random time, you will receive a prompt to capture a photo within a time frame.

In case you fail to post on time, your post will be marked late. Also, you won’t be able to see others’ posts, if you don't post a picture of your own.

Both apps use your device's front and back camera to capture the shot so that your friends can see where you are and what you are up to.

Lastly, as you are already aware, none of the apps offers filters, effects, or editing capabilities. They focus on authenticity.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Differences

Although TikTok Now and BeReal have the same objective, they have some differences as well. Let's take a look at some of the key differences between these two apps.

First of all, the time frame to capture a pic on the OG app, BeReal, is 2 minutes. Whereas, TikTok Now offers a 3 minutes window, which gives you more time to pose and capture a decent picture.

On TikTok Now, you can capture a 10-second video or a static photo, whereas, on BeReal, you can only post pictures now. However, the BeReal FAQ says that they have plans to integrate the video feature in the future.

Another notable difference is that TikTok now, unlike BeReal, lets you see both the selfie camera and the back camera at the same time when taking a picture, which can save you time by not having to retake your pictures over and over again.

Some Unique Features Of BeReal

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Which Is Better?
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BeReal still offers a few unique features, which you won't find on TikTok Now.

For starters, BeReal has RealMojis, which are custom emojis imitated by users with their own faces and gesture. You can react to others' BeReal posts with RealMojis, which is fun.

Another unique feature is the 'Discovery' feed which lets you see BeReal posts from people around the world. You can make your BeReal public to post your BeReal in the 'Discovery' feed.

Last but not least, BeReal notifies screenshots, which is an important privacy feature. You can see who screenshots your BeReal post if you tap that particular post.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Which Is Better?

Both BeReal and TikTok Now have their own pros and cons, but which one is better?

When it comes to features and functions, BeReal has a slight advantage over TikTok Now. Plus, it is the OG app, so we should give it a little more credit than its competitors. That said, in terms of stability and usability, TikTok Now wins hands down.

BeReal is still in the earliest stages of development and the app is infamous among users for its buggy and unstable nature. The BeReal app is riddled with issues such as the can't add friends bug, no BeReal notification, and the BeReal app not working properly.

So if you are looking for a mobile app with a seamless user experience, then you should check out TikTok Now. But if you want a frill-free social media experience, then BeReal is the right choice.

How To Get TikTok Now

In the US, TikTok Now is integrated as a feature in the main app. You can find the 'Now' tab (lightning icon) along the bottom of your TikTok app, between the main camera button and the Home page.

In other regions, TikTok Now is available as a separate app. The app is free to download and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. BeReal is also available as a standalone app for download.

If you are considering using BeReal, have a look at how to retake a BeReal post and how to change a BeReal emoji.

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