How To Fix BeReal Not Working On iPhone And Android

How To Fix BeReal Not Working On iPhone And Android

How To Fix BeReal Not Working On iPhone And Android

Is BeReal not working for you? Don't fret, there are some tricks to fix it.

BeReal is the new photo-sharing app that is taking the social media world by storm. However, it is not with its own share of problems. While some users can't add friends, the BeReal notification is not working for others.

Not to mention BeReal crashing while retaking a post or opening the app. Overall, it seems, that many of the app features are buggy and many users are deleting their BeReal accounts and joining TikTok Now.

Worry not, however, because there are some tricks to fix the bugs. Let's get into it!

How To Fix BeReal App Not Working

We've seen quite a lot of people complaining about various bugs in the BeReal app. Whatever issue you are facing, here are some usual troubleshooting tips you can try to get rid of the problem.

  • Make sure your app is updated.
  • Kill the app and relaunch.
  • Try restarting your device.
  • Clear the app cache and data.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Install the Beta version of BeReal.
  • If nothing seems to work, report the problem to the devs. To do that:
    • Tap your profile picture on the top right.
    • Tap the 3-dot icon
    • Go to Help > Contact Us and select Report a problem
  • Describe the bug in detail and send the mail.

Devs will be better able to understand the bug if you give them more information about it. So try to provide as much information as possible, and if applicable, include screenshots too.

Since the app is new, it is inevitable that there will be bugs and glitches. However, with your feedback, developers can make the app better and more stable. You should always let them know about the bugs you encounter via the above-mentioned method.

How To Fix BeReal Notification Not Working

One of the common issues users are facing is the BeReal notification not working the way it should.

Some users are not receiving the daily "time to be real" notification. Other users are shown their friends' BeReals instead of prompting them to take a picture when they click on the daily notification.

If you are suffering from the former issue, we recommend you turn on Time Sensitive notifications. Those experiencing the latter problem can try closing and reopening the app until the prompt to take a picture finally shows up.

How To Fix BeReal Profile Picture Not Working

Another issue plaguing the BeReal users is the app not letting them change or update their profile pictures. For some reason, the new profile picture is not saving, causing frustration among users.

Luckily, there is an easy fix to the BeReal profile picture not working issue. Click on your profile picture on the top right and tap the 3-dot icon to open Settings. Go to Help > Contact Us and then select Join Beta or Become Beta Tester.

Finally, download and install the BeReal Beta version as instructed on the screen. Open the Beta app and you should be able to update your profile picture. If you’re on iPhone, you will need to install Testflight to become a Beta tester.

How To Fix BeReal Friend Request Not Working

While some users are not able to accept friend requests, others are not receiving the friend requests that have been sent to them.

If your friend is not receiving your request, just cancel the one you have sent and send it again. To do that, tap the friends icon on the top left, select Requests and tap Sent. Here you will see pending requests. Cancel it and send one again. Repeat this until they receive your request.

In case you can't add them, and when you click the Accept button it loads forever and nothing happens, just restart the app and see if they are in your friend list already. If not, tap Accept again and repeat the process.

If the issue persists, try the tips mentioned in the "How To Fix BeReal Not Working" section.

Why Is My BeReal Not Working?

If BeReal is not working for you, join the club. This is a very common issue and many people have reported this problem. While BeReal is not uploading for some, many others are not even able to create an account due to the unknown error status -1 error.

The app is riddled with bugs, which is the reason why it isn't working for you and many others. It is pretty common for a new app to have bugs. For example, the new locket app and TikTok Now had similar issues.

Hopefully, with our feedback, the devs will be able to fix the issues and make the experience better for everyone. You can report the bugs at

Now that everything is sorted, have a look at other BeReal tutorials such as how to see BeReal without posting and how to make BeReal public.

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