How To Block On BeReal

How To Block Someone On BeReal

How To Block Someone On BeReal

Have no idea how to block someone on BeReal? We can help!

Since the BeReal app is relatively new, users are having a tough time finding their way around the app. For example, many users were struggling to figure out how to delete a BeReal photo or how to retake a BeReal post.

So today, we will guide you through the process of blocking someone on BeReal. Let's get started!

Can You Block Someone On BeReal?

There are some instances where you will need to block someone on BeReal. It may be because they took screenshots of your BeReal. Or perhaps you have other reasons for blocking someone on BeReal. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

BeReal doesn't have a block option. All you can do is unfriend that person. Although the Android version of BeReal offers an option called Block [username's] post, what it basically does is just unfriend that person.

Here are the steps to block or unfriend someone on BeReal.

  1. Tap on the friends icon on the top left and select Friends.
  2. Tap on the friend you wish to block.
  3. Press the 3-dot icon on the top right.
  4. Select Remove friendship.

'Blocking' someone on BeReal is as easy as that. Keep in mind that they will be able to send you a friend request again on BeReal since you technically didn't block them.

You can also report that person by selecting Report [username] and following the on-screen instructions. The team will review this profile for inappropriate behaviour and probably warn them or delete their BeReal account if found guilty.

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How To Unblock Someone On BeReal

So you have changed your mind and now you want to unblock someone you have blocked on BeReal. Well, it isn't difficult to do that since BeReal hasn't blocked them in the first place.

On iPhone, you don't explicitly need to unblock someone you have blocked because of the fact that you have only unfriended them. You and they are free to add each other back as friends anytime.

However, the Android version of the app has a Blocked profiles option in the Settings where you can see all the accounts you have blocked and you can unblock them from there. Although they can send you a friend request and add you even though they are blocked, you need to unblock them to see their posts.

If you can't add friends on BeReal due to some technical glitch, we have listed some easy fixes. Also, you might be interested in knowing how to see BeReal without posting and the BeReal time for today.

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