Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

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Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

Have you been saving other BeReal users' posts? Well, you might want to check out if BeReal notifies screenshots to save you some awkward chats.

Since BeReal is relatively a new app, the users have little knowledge about its features and how to use them. For example, many users were struggling to figure out how to delete a BeReal photo or how to retake a BeReal post.

The app encourages its users to share unfiltered, unedited, and most authentic pics of themselves. And you may be tempted to take a screenshot of the awkward pictures your friends post. But, before you take a screenshot, you should know whether the app notifies the screenshots or not.


Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

The official website seems to have no information regarding screenshots. So, we've tested it ourselves and found out that BeReal does notify screenshots. Therefore, you should think twice before taking a screenshot.

Unlike Snapchat, BeReal doesn't send push notifications, but users will be able to see the number of screenshots that particular post has accrued as well as the list of people who took a screenshot if they tap on their post and expand it.

On iPhone, there will be a number in box brackets next to the timestamp of that post, indicating how many screenshots were taken. On Android, instead of the number in box brackets, you will see a yellow shutter icon at the same spot.

Viewing the people who took a screenshot in BeReal is quite different for iPhone and Android users. We'll explain that in the next section. Keep reading!


How To See Who Screenshotted Your BeReal

On Android, to view the people who took the screenshot, you only need to simply tap on the screenshot count icon and the list of screenshotters will be revealed to you. No questions asked.

However, on iPhone, the process is a bit different. When you tap on the screenshot count icon, you will notice that the identity of the screenshotters is blurred out.

In order to reveal their identity, BeReal wants you to share your BeReal post with someone else on a different social network such as Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Once that's done, you will be able to see the screen grabbers.


How To Screenshot A BeReal Without Them Knowing

Yeah, there are some other tricks that can help you screenshot a BeReal post without them knowing. Here you go.

  • The first trick is pretty simple. Use a screen recording app and scroll through your feed to record the post you wish to screenshot. Then edit the video to capture the frame.
  • You can also try switching your phone to Airplane mode, and then take a screenshot of the post. Clear the BeReal app cache and data before you turn off the Airplane mode.

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of a BeReal post with less than 50% of the picture in the frame to get away from being caught.

Of course, BeReal notifies its users about when others screenshot their posts for a reason. After all, do you really want people to have your images without you knowing?

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