iPhone 13 new features REVEALED: Here's how it'll improve on the iPhone 12

After months of speculation, the iPhone 12 line was announced in the middle of October, with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Max.

Some have been waiting for these generation of iPhones for a while, with their iPhone X or anything less now suffering from battery and space issues, this writer included.

However, as soon as the features were announced for iPhone 12, others that were rumoured to be coming, have not arrived for this year. Yet, it seems as though rumours are pointing towards some features coming to next year’s iPhone.

With that, here’s what the rumours are stating so far, and just how realistic it may seem for your future iPhone 13.

TouchID Making a Comeback

Back in 2017, Apple announced FaceID, touting it as a much more secure security system for your iPhone than ever before. Scanning your face and allowing you access to the phone, it was (and is) more reliable than the phones from competitors in the years since, but then 2020 happened.

If you are a user of ApplePay, then you can already relate with the hassle of having an iPhone with FaceID trying to verify you, then waiting for the passcode screen to appear in order to pay.

This is why rumours abound that TouchID is coming back as a complement to FaceID. People love choice, and this writer has always preferred FaceID on the iPad, never the iPhone. Having it either on the power button as the newest iPad Air has, or even under the screen as rumoured, would be a huge benefit to the iPhone.

We use our thumbs and fingers to wake up the screen; if we’re wearing a mask, these can be used as authentication through TouchID instead.

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120Hz ‘ProMotion’ Screen

Ever since an iteration of iPad Pro was released in 2017 with a ‘ProMotion’ screen feature, it has been something that has been hoped for in a future iPhone. It was predicted that it would arrive this year, but alas, it hasn’t.

The ‘ProMotion’ feature is where the screen can go up to 120Hz, but change depending on what’s being displayed on the screen. This has been seen in Android smartphones such as the Samsung S20 range, the OnePlus 8 Pro, and many more, but not to the iPhone as yet.

There were supposed iPhone 12 prototypes back in August which were showing ‘ProMotion’ being tested.

However, this is a feature that is not going to be the revolutionary feat that some have been saying. It may benefit pros, especially for videographers, but it’s something that a customer will not.

It’s something that will most likely appear on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, similar to how some camera features are only on the 12 Pro Max this year.

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Portless iPhone 13

With MagSafe now a feature on the entire iPhone 12 line, boasting fast-charging thanks to the 15 watts that it can provide, the writing is already on the wall for a port-less iPhone to come.

After Apple’s failure with AirPower eighteen-months ago, rumours were abound as to what Apple would do instead, and our answer has been unveiled. The name comes from a charging standard that MacBooks pre-2015 had, where you could snap a ‘MagSafe’ wire to a special port, and it would charge the laptop as normal.

Apple thrive on ease of use and simplicity, and wireless everything is their aim. With 5G now a standard in the iPhone 12 line, wireless is everything for the smartphone now, and electrical wireless charging is going to be what MagSafe is known for even more with its revamped feature.

This writer can definitely see a scenario where MagSafe is on almost every Apple device and some peripherals.

  • MagSafe on an iPad Magic Keyboard
  • MagSafe on Airpods Case
  • MagSafe on a new Apple Watch
  • MagSafe on the ‘AppleTag’.

It’s going to be a universal standard, and we imagine that it’s going to be all there is to charge the next iPhone in 2021.

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iPhone 13 Releases When?

As previous years have gone, expect the next iPhone to come out towards the end of next year, with iOS 15 and new Apple Watch to boot.

We are in a time where our needs for a phone are changing; some want the best device for a camera, others want the biggest screen for YouTube. Others just want it as a fashion statement.

However, if your phone is losing 30% of battery after only a couple of hours, we recommend to look for an upgrade now. The benefits of the iPhone 12 are enormous; from night mode on the camera, to a fantastic OLED screen, and the fastest chip on the market.

Yet, you can’t help but be curious as to what a TouchID, port-less iPhone may look like in our palms when 2021 hits.

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