Apple will no longer give you a power adapter when you buy an iPhone

Last night saw the reveal of the iPhone 12 in all its many forms.

It also came with a rather peculiar announcement that really makes you wonder who Apple are even selling these products to anymore.

Generally, you'll get new offers and specials if you're a new customer, and it's a system that's worked for so long that it's almost a joke.

Well, Apple is taking a stand against new customers in a brave new move that says "no thanks, we're good."

No more extras for you

During the presentation that revealed the various iPhone 12s, Apple also said that these new phones will not include earbuds or an adapter.

This is an odd choice if you're looking at people who don't already own an Apple phone but might want to convert. The idea of having to shell out for the extras you normally expect when buying a new phone isn't going to sit very well with some people.

However, this is good news for the environment, which could probably do with fewer iPhone plugs in the world. It's not just that either, this is all part of Apple's push to do better.

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How big is the environmental impact

Not only is Apple going to be shipping fewer wasted plugs and earbuds, but they're cutting down on the packaging as well.

The box for the iPhone 12 is both smaller and lighter than normal, and it means that Apple can ship 70% more items per pallet. This is a big boost and should result in a lower shipping carbon footprint.

Whether or not that's enough to actually offset the impact that a company like Apple has on the environment is yet to be seen, but they are aiming to be 100% carbon neutral in its supply chain and products by the year 2030.

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