Apple 'One More Thing' event: Rumours point to Intel being dumped, a powerful new Macbook Pro, and more!

Apple has announced a special live-stream event dubbed 'One More Thing', and it's rumoured to feature the unveiling of some powerful new Macbook Pro computers.

'One More Thing' is a phrase that will remind long-term fans of Apple of its iconic founder Steve Jobs, who often used to save one exciting announcement until the end of an event (much like Colombo).

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Keep on reading to find out more about these Macbook rumours, and everything else you need to know about the event...

What is rumoured to appear at the Apple One More Thing event?

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch three new Macbook laptops - and these ones will contain silicon chips that Apple has made itself.

This Apple silicon is a big departure from the Intel chips that usual feature in Macbooks. Effectively, it sounds like Apple is planning to dump Intel and use its own chips instead. But this is still a rumour until it actually gets announced.

Per Bloomberg, we should expect to see new 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros announced at the 'One More Thing' event, along with a new 13-inch MacBook Air. All of which will feature the Apple chips. Mmm... chips.

There is also a chance that Apple could reveal its AirTags. These tiny devices will help users track items they don't want to lose. A similar product called Tile already exists, but fans have been expecting Apple to announce their take for a while now.

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How, when and where to watch the Apple One More Thing event

Apple's One More Thing event will take place at 10am PST on 10th November 2020. Here in the UK, that is 6pm GMT on 10th November 2020.

You'll be able to tune into the live-stream via the Apple website,, so you should be able to click that last link when the time is right. And we'll soon find out if those predictions were right!

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