Jason Momoa confirms Ben Affleck's return for Aquaman 2

Ben Affleck as Batman in front of Aquaman.

Ben Affleck as Batman in front of Aquaman.

Aquaman 2 has had one of the more chaotic production periods for any DCEU film. Whether it's uncertainty over Amber Heard, or the very existence of DC films going forward, the film has been a mixed bag so far. However, one potential boost to Aquaman 2 comes after its star Jason Momoa seemingly confirmed Ben Affleck will return in the sequel.

Many figured that we’d see the last of Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash but given Ezra Miller’s behaviour, another DCEU cameo wouldn’t hurt. Will this be the last time we see Ben Affleck as Batman? Or is this a sign that we could be seeing more of Batfleck in the DCEU’s future?

Batman returns for Aquaman 2

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Jason Momoa was asked if Ben Affleck’s Batman in Aquaman 2 after that infamous Instagram selfie. Rather than play coy or keep us guessing, Jason Momoa decided to just say that Ben Affleck is officially in the movie.

“I love Ben. I love him deeply,” Momoa tells Access Hollywood before giving it all away. “And yeah…F*** it. Ben’s coming back.”

Considering all the secrecy that Marvel and Star Wars actors have to go through, it’s nice to see the Aquaman 2 star be aloof about it. Those that might be annoyed at the spoiler will be happy to know that there are more surprises to be had, at least according to Momoa.

Batman returns…to the DCEU?

With Ben Affleck’s Batman popping up in The Flash and Aquaman 2, one has to wonder if he’ll be a major DCEU character going forward. There might not be solo films with Batfleck due to The Batman being a huge success, but appearing in a future Justice League sequel would be great.

It’s too early to assume that Ben Affleck will be making a full-time return as Batman, especially after all the times he’s tried to leave. Granted, the DCEU is in a much better place now that it’s not trying to compete with Marvel but that can obviously change.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will be coming to theatres next year, on March 17, 2023.

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