Ezra Miller charged with burglary in Vermont; The Flash still not cancelled

The Flash star Ezra Miller is embroiled in yet another controversy. Following several arrests in Hawaii and claims of grooming, the superhero actor has been charged with another crime. In the actor’s latest situation, they’ve been accused of burglary in the state of Vermont.

Ezra Miller charged with burglary

In a report by film outlet Variety, it was revealed that Miller has been charged with burglary in Stamford, Vermont. The star of The Flash and Fantastic Beasts was charged with felony burglary after an alleged theft of alcohol from a residence.

Vermont State Police were called to assist in the burglary at 5:55 p.m. on May 1st, 2022. The report claims that several bottles of alcohol were stolen while the homeowners were absent, but seemingly no damage was done.

Police charged Miller with felony burglary of an unoccupied dwelling after collecting statements and viewing surveillance footage. Vermont State Police managed to locate the actor on Aug. 7th to issue a citation. The actor will have to appear in Vermont Superior Court on Sept. 26 for arraignment.

A charge of burglary isn’t the worst scenario surrounding Miller at the moment. In a prior investigation, Miller was reported to be holed up in a ranch in Stamford, Vermont. According to the report, the actor was keeping a mother and three children — between the ages of one and five-years-old — at the ranch.

The report claims that the Ezra Miller property also contains an illegal cannabis farm as well as numerous weapons. In one claim, the one-year-old child was allegedly seen with a bullet in its mouth.

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Is The Flash still happening?

Despite all of the controversies surrounding Miller, it seems that Warner Bros is still intent on releasing their movie. Even with all of the arrests and fan backlash surrounding the actor, the company is not willing to lose money on the project.

Prior to Miller’s jump off the deep end, The Flash was set up to be a huge success for the company. With multiple positive test screenings, the return of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as Batman and a multiverse storyline, everything was in place. It would appear that Warner Bros is still hanging onto that hope.

The continued support of The Flash also comes at a tumultuous time for the company. With the recent Discovery merger, Warner Bros has cancelled its almost completed Batgirl movie, which also features Michael Keaton as Batman. Furthermore, the film featured the theatrical return of beloved actor Brendan Fraser.

Backlash for this cancellation has been rampant, as well as backlash for plans to release The Flash. However, with that movie’s release date set for June, 2023, it seems that Warner Bros is hoping fans forget all about this last year of controversies. 

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