Ben Affleck’s Batman returns for Aquaman 2!!

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom may or may not feature Amber Heard as Mera when it comes out next year but it looks like another DC character is appearing: Ben Affleck’s Batman.

While it hasn’t been confirmed by DC or Warner Bros., an Instagram post from Aquaman 2 star Jason Momoa shows him and Ben Affleck paling around, with major hints that Affleck is returning to the DCEU.

Batfleck returns?

The aforementioned Instagram post has Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck seemingly having a good time, with Momoa laying it on thick that his friend is there for an Aquaman 2 cameo. On his post, Momoa said “REUNITED bruce and arthur” and finishing with “busted on set all great things coming AQUAMAN 2 all my aloha j."

It’s also worth noting that Affleck himself has his haircut from when he was Batman during his short time in the DCEU. He also appears in a nice-looking suit, with many hoping we get to see Affleck again as the Batman everyone loves. Granted, he could have chosen that suit and haircut combo just to look nice but you never know.

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More Ben Affleck as Batman in the DCEU?

While it’s doubtful that we’ll see Ben Affleck as Batman in a solo DC movie, especially now that Robert Pattinson has taken the mantle in Matt Reeves’ acclaimed The Batman, he could always appear in DCEU films. Ben’s version of Batman is currently scheduled to appear in Ezra Miller’s The Flash and if this post is anything to go by, we could also see him in Aquaman 2.

It will be interesting to see what happens and if Warner Bros. will bring Affleck back as Batman for future films. Until then, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will be coming to theaters on March 17, 2023, while The Flash is seemingly coming out on June 23, 2023, if Ezra Miller can stay out of trouble.

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