Oculus Quest reveals eye-watering revenue stats

Facebook's 'Oculus Quest' has become something of a hit in the VR headset space.

It's suspected that it's mainly down to the fact that you can use it wirelessly on its own.

Since their 'Facebook Connect' conference in September, they've just reported huge growth in only four months.

With this, lets look into what's been achieved thanks to the Oculus Quest so far.


In a blogpost, VP of Content Mike Verdu has spoken about the increase in games available for the Quest, from 35 titles to over 60 this month.

Beat Saber is a big factor in the revenue here, with Mike saying it "..has sold over 4 million copies across platforms and over 40 million songs from paid DLCs."

Oculus Quest Revenue February 2021
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Mike also highlighted that a much more diverse community has arrived to the ecosystem, "...with more women using Quest 2 than any of our previous headsets. This stellar growth extends beyond gaming-first titles as well. Fitness app Supernatural has seen its subscriptions more than double since Quest 2 started shipping, with an incredibly diverse subscriber base that currently includes an equal gender split across all different age groups and backgrounds."

The headset only looks to grow even more with more games in development for it.

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What's Next?

There's more games coming to start with, as Mike mentions "...Hotly anticipated game launches include Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR, The Climb 2 from CrytekReady At Dawn’s Lone Echo II, and further updates for POPULATION: ONE."

The market for VR is only growing now, with specifications lowering as the years pass, and the prices become lower and more affordable to more customers.

Mike also said that "...With the surge of interest in the platform, we're seeing many new developers and titles coming to Quest—so many that we were temporarily swamped with new submissions. We’re working on adding resources and changing our processes to accommodate all developers who want to launch games on Quest."

It's a matter of time to see if Facebook expand the Quest line further, and while it's still a hindrance to require a Facebook account in order to use the headset's services, it's a compelling product that only seems to be growing and growing.

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