Meta Quest 3 colours - what's available to pick?

Meta Quest 3 colours

Meta Quest 3 colours

People interested in buying the new Quest headset have questions about the available Meta Quest 3 colours.

Meta Quest 3 is finally here, boasting enhancements in resolution, FOV, and processing power compared to the Quest 2. While the headset itself is a technological marvel, one aspect that adds a personal touch is the choice of colours it is available in.

In this guide, we'll explore the colour options available for the Meta Quest 3.

What are the available Meta Quest 3 colours?

The Meta Quest 3 headset is currently offered exclusively in white. However, you have a choice of colours for the headset straps and facial interface, which are available in Elemental Blue and Blood Orange.

Please note that the default strap that comes with the Meta Quest 3 headset is white, and you do not have the option to select orange or blue at the time of purchase. If you would like either of these colours, you need to purchase them separately for an additional $50.

It's been rumoured that Meta might introduce additional colours after the initial headset launch, probably depending on the sales performance of the orange and blue straps.

Is it worth buying the coloured head straps?

The decision depends on your personal preference.

The standard facial interface and strap that come with the headset offer the same level of comfort as these coloured options. Also, it's worth noting that the coloured head straps are just $20 less than the Elite Strap which provides enhanced comfort.

So, if you're on a tight budget, it's better to stick with the standard options as you won't be missing out on any essential features, aside from the flashy colours. You can invest the saved money in other Meta Quest 3 accessories or the best Oculus games available.

However, if you're particularly fond of either of these colours and it fits within your budget, there's no harm in going for it. It can certainly add a touch of personalization and make your headset more visually appealing.

And that covers everything about the Meta Quest 3 colours. If you're planning to pre-order the Meta Quest 3, have you made a decision between the 128GB and 512GB options?

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