Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB - which one should you buy?

Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB

Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB

The pre-order for Meta Quest 3 has started, and it's causing a bit of a dilemma for potential buyers. They're trying to decide between two storage options: Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB.

You can not expand the storage of the Meta Quest 3 later on. So, once you choose the 128GB version, you're essentially locked into that storage size, and it can't be expanded. This brings up a crucial question: Will 128GB suffice for your requirements, or should you consider the 512GB option?

In this Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB comparison guide, we'll help you make an informed choice that aligns perfectly with your VR aspirations and needs.

Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB - what's the difference?

When comparing the 128GB and 512GB variants of the Meta Quest 3, you'll find they share identical resolutions, FOV, RAM, and all other hardware specifications.

The key distinctions between the Meta Quest 3 128GB and 512GB models lie in the available storage capacity, the model's price, and the inclusion of a complimentary subscription.

The 512GB comes with more storage and a bonus 6-month trial subscription to Meta Quest+. Now, considering pricing, the Meta Quest 3 128GB is priced at $500, whereas the 512GB version costs $650.

Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB - which one should you buy?

In our opinion, when it comes to the Meta Quest 3 128GB vs 512GB, the base 128GB model offers exceptional value for money and should suffice for most users. And, it's worth noting that many Redditors share the same opinion.

With 128GB of storage, you'll have ample space to hold at least 2 large games and around 4 to 5 smaller ones. And if you ever run out of space, you can simply delete the games you've completed to make room for new ones.

Moreover, if your primary use for the Meta Quest 3 involves PCVR gaming, the 128GB option makes perfect sense since you'll be storing most of your games on your PC, saving valuable storage space on the headset itself.

Furthermore, by choosing the base model, you can consider investing the money you save in Meta Quest 3 accessories or perhaps in purchasing some of the best Oculus games available.

However, if you have plans to download numerous apps, games, and videos, and your budget permits, going for the 512GB model would be the wisest choice. The added incentive of the bonus Meta Quest+ subscription adds to the appeal of this option.

In the end, the decision between the Meta Quest 3 128GB and 512GB models boils down to your specific usage needs and budget. Take a moment to evaluate your intended use cases and make your selection wisely.

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