Is Zenith: The Last City on Meta Quest 3?

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Is Zenith the Last City on Meta Quest 3

If you’re looking for a sci-fi fantasy experience in virtual reality, you may be asking, is Zenith: The Last City on Meta Quest 3? Drawing inspiration from different JRPGs, Zenith: The Last City has gained a fair bit of popularity since it was released in 2022.

Though Zenith: The Last City has a relatively smaller world to explore, it sets itself apart from single-player games like Blade and Sorcery by being one of the first MMOs in virtual reality.

So, let’s go ahead and find out if Zenith: The Last City is on Meta Quest 3 so you can go on an adventure with your friends in VR.

Is Zenith: The Last City on Meta Quest 3?

Yes, Zenith: The Last City is available on the Meta Quest 3. In fact, the Quest 3 is fully backward compatible with the entire Meta Quest 2 library of games.

This is great for both Quest 2 owners looking to make an upgrade and newcomers who plan on getting into virtual reality with the Meta Quest 3.

Some games will even receive graphical upgrades when they make the jump from Quest 2 to Quest 3, but it is unconfirmed if Zenith: The Last City will be one of those titles. It will surely look better, as an overall experience, than on the Quest 2, that much we know already.

Where can you get Zenith: The Last City?

Since the game is officially supported by Meta, you can buy the game directly from the Oculus Experiences page. It is also available for purchase on Steam.

Buying Zenith from the Experiences page means you can install it directly onto your Meta Quest 3 headset. Get the game from Steam and you’ll need to pair the headset with your PC before playing. Both of these methods have their pros and cons but how you get the game is entirely up to you.


And that wraps up our guide on Zenith: The Last City being on Meta Quest 3. For more info on this VR headset, feel free to check out the details on its battery life and how it compares to the PSVR 2.

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