Is Phasmophobia on the Quest 3?

Is Phasmophobia on Quest 3

Is Phasmophobia on Quest 3

If you’re a fan of VR games and the horror genre, you may be wondering, is Phasmophobia on Quest 3? With Meta’s newest virtual-reality headset scheduled to come out soon, many are wondering what games they’ll be able to play on it.

Owners of the Quest 2 will be getting some free game upgrades if they decide to make the jump to the new headset. This does seem like a nice way of enticing some VR fans to get the Quest 3, but not all Quest 2 games will get this treatment.

So, even if you already have some games on the Quest 2, you may still be looking for more titles like Phasmophobia to fill up your library on the new headset. But is Phasmophobia on Quest 3? Let’s find out.

Is Phasmophobia on Quest 3?

At the moment, Phasmophobia does not appear on the Quest games page. This means you won’t be able to download the game directly to the Quest 3 headset after purchasing it.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play the popular survival horror game in VR at all. To play Phasmophobia on your Quest 3, you’ll need a copy of the game on PC, the Oculus desktop app, and possibly a Quest Link cable.

It has been confirmed that the Quest 3 will support both the Quest Link and Air Link, so once you have all of these things, you should be able to experience Phasmophobia in virtual reality after a bit of setup.

How to play Phasmophobia on Quest 3

To play Phasmophobia on Quest 3, you’ll need to pair your headset with a PC through the Oculus desktop app. You can do this through a wired connection using the Quest Link, or wirelessly via Air Link.

Play with a wired connection

Follow these steps to connect your Quest 3 to a PC through a wired connection.

  • Launch the Oculus desktop app.
  • Turn your headset’s power on and connect it to your PC with the cable.
  • When prompted, select “Allow access to data” then “Allow”.
  • Have Oculus Link enabled.
  • Launch Phasmophobia on your PC.

Keep in mind that using a wired connection may limit your movement as you play the game.

Play through a wireless connection

Playing PC games on Quest 3 wirelessly requires you to go through a slightly different process. Here’s how to pair your headset without any cables.

  • Launch the Oculus desktop app.
  • In the Oculus app, make sure Air Link is enabled.
  • Enable Air Link in your headset.
  • Launch Phasmophobia on your PC.

Using Air Link will free you up from being tethered to your PC, but keep in mind that your gaming experience may be affected by your WiFi connection speed.

And that’s all for Phasmophobia being on Quest 3. For more information on Meta’s newest VR headset, check out how to cast it to TV and how to connect Bluetooth headphones.

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